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CPR has done trail-breaking work on incarcerated, paroled and released parents and has highlighted the child support issues that these parents face. In demonstration and research projects in Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois and Texas, CPR has helped to design and evaluate programs to reduce child support debts accumulated during incarceration, promote employment upon release, adjust child support obligations to match earnings, and explore the feasibility of family reintegration. CPR helped to develop and print a Handbook for Incarcerated Parents that reviews child support and custody issues that parents face and provides practical advice. CPR has assessed the impact of reentry programs that offer paroled and released parents assistance with employment, child support and parenting on their earnings, child support payments and recidivism rates. With the support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, CPR is attempting to publicize the problem of incarceration and child support and work with states to develop more responsive policies and procedures.


Incarcerated Parents

The Colorado Department of Corrections and Child Support Enforcement Project


 For additional research in this area see the Current Projects page.

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