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Incarcerated Parents and Child Support Publications

Twelve Reasons for Collaboration Between Departments of Correction and Child Support Enforcement Agencies.

Corrections Today, June 2003.


Serving Fathers Who Leave Prison.

Family Court Review, Vol. 41, No.3, July 2003.


Child Support Profile:  Massachusetts Incarcerated and Paroled Parents.

Report to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, May 2002.

Available in PDF.


Work and Family Center: Serving Parents Who Leave Prison. 

Available in PDF.

Report to the Colorado Department of Human Services, Child Support Division.  


Related Articles and Reports:

A Conversation with Jessica Pearson and Esther Griswold: Incarcerated Parents and Child Support.  

Policy and Practice, December 2002.


Work and Family Center First Year Report.

Offender Employment Report, Vol. 2 No. 2, December 2000-January 2001.


Designing Programs for Incarcerated and Paroled Obligors.  

Welfare Information Network.  Vol.1, No.2.  August 2000.

Available in HTML.


Parenting From Prison: A Resource Guide for Parents Incarcerated in Colorado

(with the Committee on Parenting From Prison), 2002.

Available on line from the Colorado Child Welfare Program Information web page. 


Testing a Modification Process for Incarcerated Parents.

Report to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, December 2001

Available in PDF.


A Conversation with Jessica Pearson and Esther Griswold: Incarcerated Parents and Child Support.

Policy and Practice, December 2002


Survey of State Child Support Policies, Procedures, and Programs for Incarcerated Parents.

           Report submitted to the Colorado Department of Human Services, September 2000.


County Policies and Attitudes Towards Incarcerated NCPs.

           Report to the Colorado Dept of Human Services for the Multiple Intervention Grant, April 2000.



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