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Innovative Re-entry Programs
CPR is working with child support and correctional agencies in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas.  The projects are cutting-edge services designed to help ex-offenders work and meet their family responsibilities, including child support obligations, after their release from prison.   For more information see
A Conversation with Jessica Pearson and Esther Griswold: Incarcerated Parents and Child Support. Policy and Practice, December 2002.


CPR collaborated with the Committee of Children of Incarcerated Parents, on the preparation and printing of a Handbook for Incarcerated Parents.  The handbook describes incarcerated parents' legal rights and responsibilities in the areas of child support and child custody, and offers some practical advice. A copy of the Handbook is available in PDF. 

Available on line from the Colorado Child Welfare Program Information web page. 

Ongoing Work For the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

The Center for Policy Research, along with Policy Studies Inc. was selected to be one of four vendors to provide research, counseling and training services to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement on an expedited basis. This five year Research and Program Improvement contract positions CPR to perform work aimed at helping federal and state officials achieve their child support improvement goals. Work currently underway examines

State programs to promote access and visitation, and the impact of such programs on child support payment, access, and child adjustment. 
Responsive state and local policies for setting and enforcing child support obligations for low income parents.
Planning and conducting conferences dealing with the challenges of child support enforcement in large, urban, diverse settings.
Assisting the most populous states with information collection and data analysis related to child support arrears balances.
Responsible Fatherhood

CPR, along with PSI, recently completed a multi-site evaluation of Responsible Fatherhood Projects. The research involved the collection and analysis of pre and post program information on 1,674 noncustodial fathers. These fathers participated in responsible fatherhood programs in eight states funded by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement where they received assistance with employment, child support, parenting, access and visitation and parenting. Conducted during 1998-2002, the evaluation relied on data drawn at each site from records maintained by clients and program staff, telephone interviews with program participants, administrative records maintained by state child support agencies, and wage reports filed by employers and maintained by Departments of Labor and Employment. 


The evaluation includes a qualitative component (See OCSE Responsible Fatherhood Programs: Early Implementation Lessons Available in HTML) and a forthcoming quantitative report that assesses program outcomes dealing with employment and earnings, parent-child contact, and child support payments.

Dependency Mediation

CPR is currently working with Louisiana and the District of Columbia on evaluations of new dependency mediation programs.  The Louisiana research is taking place in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, where the court now refers abuse and neglect cases to specially trained mediators to develop a treatment plan and deal with compliance problems.  The Washington, D.C. project deals with adoption cases, and provides prospective adoptive parents and biological parents with an opportunity to work out a plan for permanent custody.  This plan may involve continued contact between the biological parent and child, and the evaluation will address the types of open adoption clauses that are agreed upon, and will follow cases over time to discover what happens to the plan.