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CPR has worked with community organizations to design and test the impact of educational reform programs on the acquisition of literacy skills among disadvantaged, elementary students. For nearly a decade, CPR conducted annual evaluations of a community-based literacy program offering summer school classes and recreation to approximately 1,000 disadvantaged readers in Denver, Colorado. CPR also assessed a three-year literacy program in a disadvantaged elementary school featuring reorganization of the school day to created focused, literacy instructional times, lower class sizes and state-of-the art teaching techniques. CPR evaluated the effectiveness of a community liaison worker in promoting student stability and achievement in an elementary school in a distressed neighborhood. CPR is currently assessing the impact of staff development programs on teacher behavior and student performance.


Evaluations of Education Innovations

Great Kids @ Home

Evaluation of th 2003 Rock 'n Read 2003

Evaluation of the Stedman Literacy Project


Evaluation of the Summer Scholars Literacy Program (annual reports through 1999)


Apples and Honey: Child Development and Jewish Culture


Evaluation of School Reform at Crawford Elementary School



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