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Completed Research 

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Since its inception, CPR has conducted studies on alternative dispute resolution.  Indeed, CPR was a leader in completing some of the first studies on divorce mediation.  Early work by CPR encouraged many courts around the nation to develop mediation services as a alternative to litigation in family disputes.  CPR continues to conduct research on mediation in child access disputes, child support disputes, and in child protection cases. 


General Mediation

Mediating Dispute Involving Parenting Time and Responsibilities: Assessing Benefits to the Court 2002
Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence 1994-1995
An Assessment of Needed Research in the Dispute Resolution Field 1991
Mental Health and Conflict Resolution 1990-1991
An Evaluation of the Use of Mandatory Divorce Mediation 1989-1991
The Equity of Mediated Divorce Agreement 1988-1989
Delaware Child Support Mediation Project 1984-1986
Divorce Mediation Research Project 1981-1984
Arapahoe County Mediation Implementation Project 1983-1984
Denver Custody Mediation Project 1979-1982


Dependency Mediation

Evaluation of the Oregon Dependency Mediation Project


Evaluation of Permanent Custody Mediation in the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Juvenile Court


Evaluation of Permanent Custody Mediation in the Lucas County (Toledo) Juvenile Court


Evaluation of Dependency Court Mediation in Colorado's Fourth Judicial District


Dependency Mediation in the San Francisco Juvenile Court


California Dependency Court Mediation:

Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Tulare, and Contra Costa County


Alternatives to Court Hearings in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases


A Comparison of Two Model Child Welfare Demonstration Projects


Mediating Child Abuse Cases in Colorado



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